Fancontrol Script for Dell iDRAC
Telling your noise friend to shut up

I have looked into some solutions for my noisy Dell PowerEdge R730 in the post iDRAC 8 Settings and Tricks. This is the solution I have come up in the end.

Thought process

Through experience and experiments I have found that under my loads, CPU temperatures will hardly go over 50 degress celcius even with a 5% fan speed. Thus my idea was to just keep it simple and set two thresholds for temperatures that I consider to be harmful and dangerous. They can be modified themselves.

Also, the script is designed to run on the server itself, so IPMI usernames and passwords are not neccesary.


All that is needed comes in this script. To run it, use this one-liner.

wget -O && chmod +x && bash && rm

Check out the Github repository for more.

最后修改于 2023-09-20